Dissertationsstelle im Bereich Automation und Robotik

Online seit: 14.01.2022
Ablaufdatum: 25.02.2022


The project of this PhD-position aims towards the development of novel design and engineering methods for industrial
automation systems. Approaches as Service-Oriented or Skill-based automation, but also hierarchic design of classic industrial automation systems, as well as improved software engineering methods (component-based design, design for testability, simplified commissioning) are in focus of this PhD-project, which is performed in conjunction with a world-leading expert in automation system engineering in the field of production systems.
For this, existing development approaches and so-called typicals (development templates) shall be analyzed together with the industry partner. Based on the requirements of the industry partner, novel software engineering and component-based design solutions and associated best practices shall be developed, tested and evaluated on real-world examples.
Findings on improved development and design practices shall be implemented in the predominant automation standards IEC 61131 and IEC 61499, or if necessary extensions to these standards shall be proposed and impacts on existing programs shall be estimated and published in relevant conferences, journals, and proposed to the standardization boards.
The starting date is planned as soon as possible, depending on the availability and preference of the successful candidate.

More information at http//www.acin.tuwien.ac.at/file/news/job-vacancies/JobOffer_PLC_upld.pdf


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