Diplomarbeit/ Master Thesis in Biomedical Visualization

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Diploma-/Master Thesis in Biomedical Visualization

The Biomedical Image Informatics Group at the VRVis research center (VRVis Forschungs-GmbH) in Vienna, Austria, is looking for your support!

We tackle biomedical image informatics challenges in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere by (pre-)processing, analyzing and visualizing large amounts of image data from medicine and biotechnology.

Currently, we are looking for support from a student (f/m) who wants to give her/his diploma or master thesis an application driven focus with the following topic:
2D-Visualization of Spatial Networks with Anatomical Context

One of our projects deals with the exploration of networks in neurobiological research. These networks map billions of connections in the brain, which naturally leads to cluttered graphs that lack anatomical orientation. The aim of your research, i.e. thesis is the development of anatomy-driven layouts for 2D visualizations of brain networks that would enhance 2D graphs with an anatomical context to provide neuroscientists with spatial information.

Therefore, we are looking for a female or male student who would like to help advance the interactive 2D visualization of spatial networks as part of their diploma/ master’s thesis. We also offer to combine your thesis with an internship in accordance with study regulations. Your research work will be closely integrated in the current project operation, which is why we would prefer or rather support the completion of the thesis within 6-8 months.

What you will bring to the team

  • Bachelor’s degree in computing, informatics, data science or a similar area
  • Interest in 2 D graph visualization or layouting
  • Some programming knowledge in web development (javascript, react.js, redux) would be a plus

What we offer in return

  • Very friendly and supportive work atmosphere
  • Flexible working hours and well-equipped workplace
  • Excellent professional support by our team
  • Opportunity to access our network of university partners (e.g. for bachelor/master thesis supervision)
  • Opportunity for female researchers to join the Women in Visual Computing Network hosted by one of our colleagues
  • Appropriate remuneration depending on degree of involvement

Applications are always welcome
Please contact Mr. Florian Ganglberger to send in your application or to inquire about additional information.

We especially would like to encourage female students to apply! By providing them with valuable insights into daily business at the junction of industry and science at an early stage of their careers, we aim to counter the lack of women researchers in the field of ICT proactively.

Florian Ganglberger
VRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbH Donau-City-Str. 11, 1220 Vienna, Austria


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